Complete the following table by (a) filling in the blank columns for P, u, or T, and (b)placing the appropriate letter (i.e. A, B, etc.) in the right hand column of the table; select the letter from the list of states given below the table. Note that the quality, too, is required if the system is in the two-phase state (liquid + vapor). Only those answers recorded in the table will be graded. A Superheated vaporSoturot ВSaturated vapor C Liquid + vapor of quality 0<x<1 DSaturated liquid E Compressed liquid Critical point fluid Insufficient information to determine Water at 500 kPa (T = 151.86°C, v = 0.009454 m³/kg) with a quality of 25% has its temperature lowered to 100°C (v = 0.001043 m/kg) in a constant-pressure process.Sketch the process on a T-v and P-v diagram.

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