Computer Assignment 1 When submitting the solution, follow these instructions: o Include a printout of your code, any related figures, and any handwritten work. o Do NOT email your code to the instructor 1: Plot the step responses for the following Transfer Function (Hint: use the "step" function and "stepinfo" functions in Matlab). Label the rise time, 2% settling time, peak time and percent overshoot on the plots. Also confirm these values using the methods taught in lecture (show your work). For full credit, do the following: o Plot the response; label the axes. o Mark out the time points/segments on the x-axis and any required points on the y-axis that correspond to the performance measures (rise time, 2% settling time, peak time, and percent overshoot). o Write the values for each performance measures from the plot. o Show the computations using the formulae from the lecture. o Confirm the values match.

Fig: 1