Congratulations!! You have helped Hayden and Sara complete their backyard and it is time to sell 1. Hayden and Sara have organised a Real Estate Agent who charges commission at a rate of -1.75% on the first $1 500 000 -1.5% on the remaining amount. a) Hayden and Sara have sold for $2.789 million. Round this number to 3 significant figures b) Using your answer from part (a) Calculate the commission their real estate agent will earn on this sale. 2. Due to your appearance on The Block, you have had a very successful year in your landscaping business. -Your average weekly salary was $2900, dlary was $29-You had allowable deductions of $3500 for tools, $2600 for travel, $1500 for uniform andlaundry. Throughout the year you made regular tax payments of $800 per week to cover your tax bill.Medicare Levy is also charged at 2% of your taxable income. a) What is your taxable income? Hint: calculate your yearly salary first b) How much tax did you pay in total throughout the year (without Medicare levey)? Will you receive a tax refund or will you have to pay more tax? Justify your answer by using the tax table below to calculate the tax payable on your income as well as the Medicare Levy.

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