Consider a DC motor control with position and velocity feedback scheme controller as shown in Figure 1. a) Find K, and K, such that for a reference unit-step input, R(s)=-,

the system output y(t)Ssatisfies the following specifications : Settling time (2% criterion) less than 4 seconds; and An overshoot of less than 0.5B %. Note: 8 is 15 ) With your designed K, and K, as in part (a), use MATLAB to simulate the response of theclosed-loop system to a unit-step input. Verify whether the performance specificationsare met or not =) Evaluate the steady-state error for a unit ramp input 1) It is required that the closed-loop system has zero steady-state error for a unit ramp input.Suggest a suitable controller for the system, and show how it can be achieved. Show yourworking with any relevant MATLAB codesfull

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