Consider Model (1) again log(wage;) = Bo +Bieduc; + Bezper; + Bzezpersq;+ Bafemale; + Bsmarried; + ; (1)%3| Suppose we wish to test the belief that expersq is not a

statistically relevant explanatory variable (ie, exper does not affect wage in a nonlinear fashion). The restricted least squares estimates of the parameters would be obtained from estimating the model: \begin{array}{l} \log \left(\text { wage }_{i}\right)=\beta_{0}+\beta_{1} \text { educ }_{i}+\beta_{2} \text { exper }_{i}+\beta_{4} \text { female }_{i}+\beta_{5} \text { married }_{i} \\ +u_{i}(2) \end{array} O True O False

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