Consider the following charges for demand and energy: (Do NOT refer to the City of Sallisaw billing at the bottom of this document.)

On-Peak charge: 16.2 cents /kWh

Off-Peak charge: 3.7 cents /kWh

Demand charge: $6.35/kW

On-Peak period is from June 1st through October 30th, and between 9 am and 4 pm.

The energy consumption for on-peak and off-peak months is as shown in the table below. Assuming no ratchet clause, compute the missing fields in the table below. If the power factor for the month is less than 0.90 at the point of delivery, billing demand will be increased by multiplying by 0.90 and dividing by the power factor (xx% expressed as .xx). Compute the missing fields in the table below.

Fig: 1

Fig: 2