Content Follow the steps for each week's write-up: Descriptive, but brief and "catchy." article title related to the week's engineering news event; Classification of ethical or professional responsibility, or both. You are required to have a minimum 3 of each (there are 9 weeks in total); References – article internet link and/or other appropriate citation; Paraphrased Summary – MUST paraphrase the article and topic to show knowledge of the issues; Impact Narrative – in your own words, provide your insightful interpretation (i.e., understanding)of how the engineering decision(s) (described in news article) has, or could have, global, economic, environmental, and societal impact. Provide a separate bullet for each of the four of these contexts and provide your narrative/opinion paragraph as to each impact. Carefully read the suggestions for meeting rubric description below which defines specific levels of achievement. The 'notebook' submissions should be a single file (all weeks combined and only submitted once on the due date) and in PDF format. Use one-inch page margins, 1.5-line spacing, and 12-point font .Maximum of 2 pages (including citations) per weekly event with up to 1/2 page for images allowed .It is expected that each news article will require two pages!

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