Create a table including all major components of the Air-Brayton Gas Turbine to be analyzed for the semester project (see below image). For each component in the Air-Brayton Gas Turbine,

you will need to build a table (Table 1) in which you 1) identify the component, 2) write the simplified mass balance for the component, 3) write the simplified energy balance for the component, and 4) include all of the major assumptions used in analyzing each component. You should either write the equations by hand or use an equation editor (make them presentable). For each state (1-4) in the Air-Brayton Gas Turbine , you will need to build a table (Table 2) where you list all of the known properties for each state based on the complete problem statement in Isidore (only for the Air-Brayton Gas Turbine). Notice in Table 2 you may not be able to find all of the properties. If you cannot find a property, list what you think you would need to know to find that property? Example Table 1: Example Table 2:

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