Create a user form using VBA code which does the following: a) Asks the user for their full name (personal name and family name). b) Asks them for their email address. c) Checks that the email address contains an @' symbol, and produces a useful message if it does not. d) Asks the user to confirm their email address. e) Checks that these email addresses are identical and produces a useful error message box if they are not so that the user can correct their address. f) Asks on which date they wish to attend a meeting – offers a choice of 3 dates. g) Stores the information provided in a spreadsheet. Write a maximum of 1500 words about how you created your poster and why. In this you should reflect on • How you cleaned the data – did you need to make any assumptions? Why you chose the particular visuals you did and how you created them; What the rationale for the design of your poster is; What the design of the poster adds to the story it is telling.

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