Decommissioning of pile foundations Decommissioning of a solar farm facility requires the extraction of multiple foundation piles, used to support the solar panels. The foundation piles comprise cylindrical steel tubes, of external diameter 0.2m and thickness 4mm. The length of the piles is equal to 5m +0.15, where S is the last digit of your student number.A What you must deliver: - An executive summary reporting the equipment variant that you selected, the minimum required extraction capacity and a short description of the ground improvement measures, or a justification why such measures are not required (max 5 lines) - A table with the description of your geotechnical unit(s) and the characteristic geotechnical parameters required for your geotechnical calculations (only those parameters need to be reported) - A short note explaining how you determined these geotechnical parameters (max one page including figures, if you need to include any). - A list in bullet form with all the assumptions you have made, including any load and geotechnical reduction (safety) factors that you have considered in your design (max 1/2 page) - A calculation sheet with your geotechnical calculations, in the form of an appendix. All the formulas that you used must be included in the calculation sheet, or properly referenced. A screenshot from an Excel spreadsheet showing just numbers will not be accepted

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