DescriptionConsider the same 1-link robotic manipulator usedin previpus Labs, whose transfer function fromvoltate input to arm angle is notes as G(s). Designa closed-loop system with a PID controller asshown below using the Zielger-NicholsOscillation Method. HINTS: You can plot the root locus of the open-looptransfer funciton to find the ultimate gain K, and AssessmentDesign a PID controller so that the closed-loop stepresponse achieves the following objectivessimulteneously: Rise Time: T ≤0.4 second ■ Overshoot: P.O. ≤ 15% Zero steady-state error RequirementsThe following requirements are for assessmentpurposes. pidstdInclude the following MATLAB functions inyour; step; stepinfo; feedback; ■ Store your closed-loop step response in y(output angular velocity vector) and t (timevector). The values in y will be used toevaluate your step response characteristics.Examples, evaluate your step response characteristics.Examples,% Tcl is the closed-looptransfer function[y, t]= step (Tcl)% steady-state erroress = abs(1 - y(end))% Peak timeassessStep = stepinfo(y, t);We will test ifassessStep. RiseTime <= 0.4 Student ID

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