Design a pumping system for an industrial heating system using Ethylene Glycol (70% concentration at50°C) (SG = 1.05, µ = 1.61 x 102 Pa.s) to provide pumping head from 20m to 60m to transfer the fluid between the two open tanks shown below. The suction line is a standard 4-in (D0.1023 m; A, = 8.213 x 10-3 m?) Schedule 40 steel pipe, 10m long. The total length of 2-in(Da = 0.0525 m; Aa = 2.168 x 10-3 m2) Schedule 40 steel pipe in the discharge line is 20m. Assume that the entrance from reservoir (1) is through a square-edged inlet (K = 0.5) and that the elbows are standard. The valve is a fully open globe valve. The elevation between tank (1) and (2) is z2 – z1 =7 m. It is required to determine (type your solution in MS Word and Insert formulas using Equation editor): (a) The design pump head (m); (b) The design volume flow rate (m/h); (c) The number of pumps and the arrangements (series or parallel).

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