Design an HVAC system that has a heating and humidification system to be used in winter, and in parallel, a cooling and dehumidification system to be used in summer. The

HVAC system will handle 10m3/s airflow and will use20% outside air in either condition. Winter design conditions outside: 0°C, 60%RH--> Winter design conditions inside: 22°C,60%RH Summer design conditions outside: 30°C,85%RH --> Summer design conditions inside:24°C, 20%RH Your design should look like the schematic below. 1) Heating coil capacity (kW) 2) Cooling coil capacity (kW) 3) Cooling coil refrigerant type, and operating conditions (Tin, Pin, Tout, Pout, kg refrigerant/S) 4) Dehumidifier pump capacity (kg water,out/s) 5) Sprayer operating parameters (kgwater,in/s,Twater,in)

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