Determine the pump efficiency (ratio of power of pump and the input electric power) of an Electrokinetic pump consisting of a single straight microfluidic channel with a circular cross section, with the information provided below: The microchannel is etched in glass, and has a diameter of 80 µm and a length of 12mm. The electrical potentials at the inlet and outlet ports are 1200 V and 0 V, respectively. The viscosity, ŋ and relative dielectric constant, ɛ, of the liquid are 103 kg/m-sec and 78,respectively. The dielectric constant of vaccum is ɛo = 8.85x10-14 F/cm. Assume zeta potential, to be -38 mV. Assume the fluid is homogenous and the electrical impedance (resistance, R) of the filled channel is 1200 MQ.

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