Develop a minimum 700-word outline for a training in which you would teach the skill you

identified to other adult learners. Address the following in your training outline:

- Create a title that provides learners with a hint at what they will be learning (e.g.,

"Microsoft Word Tips" or "Making Fettuccini Alfredo").

- Define the desired learning outcomes for the training (i.e., what learners will be able to do

upon completion) and how the outcomes will be assessed and/or evaluated.

- Describe the setting (e.g., online, classroom, workplace) for the training and how the

necessary resources (e.g., materials, computer or software, ingredients) will be used by the

instructor and participants.

- Describe the changes that obtaining the skill will have on the adult learner, including the

type of change (e.g., knowledge, skill, attitude) and how having the skill impacts the way

they do things (e.g., more efficient, better cook).

- Explain how the training aligns with the andragogical principles of self-directed and

transformative learning.