DIRECTIONS: For this DISCUSSION, you will POST your responses to the following 2 prompts. When you are done, read your classmates' POST to prompt #2 on how they would support or guide a new immigrant. Think about HOW you can also support them and then provide recommendations or resources which you think would benefit the immigrants to acculturate or assimilate into the country. Remember that it can be either in Tijuana or San Diego. Use specific details. In other words, elaborate by giving examples. 1. The boys have walked thousands of miles since they left their home country of Sudan. They are considered "refugees." Describe how these refugees who were displaced from their homes in Sudan have helped each other. In other words, describe how these boys have survived over the years, despite living in danger, poverty, illnesses, starvation, and confining environments. What strategies have they used to maintain some control of their own lives? Provide at least one specific example from the reading which supports why you say this. 2. We are currently experiencing a humanitarian crisis in our world. People are being forced to leave their homes and country due to numerous reasons. If they do not leave, there may be implications for their personal safety. Lately, many foreigners have entered through Mexico and arrive at the USA/Mexico border, seeking asylum. Some will be allowed to enter into the USA, and others will have to remain in Mexico (Tijuana). Regardless of which country they are in, they will need to learn to adapt to their new environment. If you were to meet one of these foreigners today. either in San Diego or Tijuana, how can you support them to acculturate and assimilate to the American/Mexican culture? What advice or guidance would you give them?

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