Directions: Show all work, and answer each que stion that is asked. Explanations should be given in completesentences. All graphs should be drawn accurately on this sheet, and be fully

labeled. The function T(x) = 100 In (97/x-71) represents the amount of time, in minutes, for a beef roast to cool to a to a temperature of x 'F. The beef roast is taken out of a 168'F oven, and placed in a room that is 71'F. (A) Draw a graph that shows the function as it intersects the time value 28 minutes and state the window you used. (B) According to your graph, what was the temperature after 28 minutes? (Round your answer to thenearest 0.01 F.) (C) Set up an algebraic equation that would determine the temperature after 28 minutes and solve theequation. (Round your answer to the nearest 0.0rF.)

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