Discuss the structure of the power system and the meaning and role of TSO (Transmission System Operator) and DNO(Distribution Network Operator). An interconnector has an impedance of 0.02 + j0.23

Q. It is supplying a small town with 100 MW at a power factor of 0.8lagging. The load voltage in the town is 11kV. Calculate the reactive power that needs to be injected, to reduce the real component of the voltage difference AV, across the inter connector by half. An old 1 MVA transformer (that has a rated/nameplate reactance ofjo.117 pu) is repurposed and installed in a power system with abase apparent power of 3 MVA. The transformer was previously connected at 33kV, but now due to age, it is connected to a 20kVfeeder. Determine the per unit reactance that you would use for this transformer. Discuss the relationship between active power, reactive power,frequency and voltage, and explain the role of FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System) devices in power system control.

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