Overview: The purpose of this assignment is for you to gain experience with the KNN and PCA algorithms, as well as to assess your ability to construct a well-organized and well-documented

notebook. In this assignment you will not receive a notebook template. Upon submission, be sure that your notebook is well documented - this is required for code development and collaboration in industry, and is needed for grading your work. You will be heavily graded on the clarity of your notebook. How easy is it to understand the meaning of your computations? Do the names of your variables clearly communicate their meaning? Is your notebook documented completely? Document/Comment your code so that someone who didn't know about your assignment would be able to follow what you were doing every step of the way. At the beginning of your notebook, you must include an overview of your work. You should offer a detailed explanation of all steps taken in the notebook, and you should explain your process thoroughly. Give special attention to any deviations from the below outline - there may be steps you need to add! You will be working with the mushroom data set. You should download the necessary files at the supplied link - I have also posted the materials to Brightspace (zip file called mushrooms), in case you have difficulties downloading the data for yourself. Begin by inspecting all of the materials and understanding the data set (note that you will not use all of the supplied files).