Download the file “Assignment_trace_802_11.pcap" from Moodle. In this trace file, we'll see frames captured from transmission between devices communicating via a wifi network.Once you have downloaded the trace, you can loạd it into Wireshark and view the trace using the File pull down menu, choosing Open, and then selecting the Assignment_trace_802_11.pcap trace file. The resulting display should look just like the figure below: 1. What are the SSIDS of the two access points that are issuing most of the beacon frames in this trace? 2. When was the first HTTP protocol issued? Give the time in seconds from the beginning of capture. 3. Find the (channel) frequency in MHz? 4. Find the data rate in bps? 5. Find the type of the frame? (data, control, or management?) 6. Find the SSI signal in dBm? (signal strength/antenna signal) 7. Find the SSI noise in dBm? (noise level/antenna noise) 8. Find the frame length in bytes? 9. What is the source MAC address (in hexadecimal notation)? 10. What is the destination MAC address (in hexadecimal notation)?

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