Using the following set of Phrase Structure Rules, draw syntactic trees for the sentences below. Assume that the verbs enter the tree with the given inflectional endings on them (i.e., ignore the category TENSE which was used in the textbook). Draw the trees clearly on a separate piece of paper and take pictures.You can then either paste the pictures here, or upload them on Blackboard together with this assignment. S à NP VP NP à { (Det) (Adj+) N (PP), PN, Pro} VP à V (NP) (PP) (Adv) VP à SV S PP à P NP 1. I exist. 2. Mary ate the pizza. 3. He walked into the park. 4. I think she likes you. 5. The girl at the bar called your name. 6. My friend from Sweden ate popcorn with sugar.

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