e-0 is an analytical signal. An IIR filter can always achieve a linear phase response. [True | False] (1 point) Zero padding adds new information into the DFT. In fact,

zero padding will have the same result as sampling more (i.e., a signal with 10 samples and 90zeros is the same as a signal with 100 samples). The DCT, generally, amplifies the effects of DFT leakage. An LTI system is completely characterized by its impulsere- [True | False] (1 point) A compressor system is defined by y[n] = x[M n], where M is apositive integer. This is a linear time-invariant (LTI) system. The region of convergence can have poles and zeros in the region. The system y[n] = T {x[n]} = cos(x[n]) is not BIBO stable. [Short Answer] (2 points) You have a discrete-time low pass filter h[n] that has a cutoff of T/8. Convert this to a band pass filter that is centered at T/2. What is the newpassband?

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