Problem Statement You are given an unprocessed silicon wafer with an initial surface oxide thickness xo. Assume the wafer has [100] orientation. Calculate the amount of time it takes to grow an oxide of total thickness x for both dry and wet processes. Primary Requirements The program should meet these specifications: 1. Prompt the user to enter the following information in this order: • The oxidation temperature (in °C) • The initial oxide thickness xo (in nanometers) • The desired total oxide thickness x (in nanometers) 2. Calculate and display the total time t needed to grow the oxide layer to the specified thickness. • Do this for both a dry process and a wet process. • Use the [100] wafer Arrhenius values for B/A and B. Additional Requirements • Use a preprocessor macro to define Boltzmann's constant k. Declare floating point variables as type double for best accuracy. • Use the appropriate math library function to raise Euler's number to a power. Display your calculated growth times in hours, minutes, and seconds format. (Round off the seconds value to the nearest second.) • Notes Be aware that you may need to perform some unit conversions. (e.g., TK = Tc+273.15, 1 μm = 1000 nm, 1 hour = 60 minutes = 3600 seconds) • You might want to consider defining macros for the numeric parts of the Arrhenius values, such as the leading coefficients and the activation energies. This can make the equations easier to read and update. However, you are not required to do so for this assignment (the macro for Boltzmann's constant is still mandatory, though). • Since the analytical expression for finding t is given, you can manually verify the accuracy of your code at each step of the calculation. Save the program using this file name: hw1.c

Fig: 1