Construct an example of an enumerative induction (made up,but realistic). In your example,include the following: (a) Specify the sample, the target,and the relevant property; (b)evaluate the argument as either strong

or weak (you can make it either); (c) explain why it is strong or weak based the sample's size and representativeness. * For full credit, you must submit an original post; commenting on the posts of your peers is encouraged, but not required. Example:There is a Mexican restaurant in Dunwoody that I really like for its delicious food. I bet that when I visit Mexico next year, I will find the food there delicious, too. (a) Sample: Food served at the Mexican restaurant in Dunwoody; Target: Mexican cuisine(served in Mexico); Relevant Property: being delicious (b) This argument, as it stands, is pretty weak (the conclusion is not very likely to follow from the premise). (c) The first problem is that the sample size is far too small -I am drawing a conclusion about Mexican cuisine in general based on a tiny fraction of it, namely what is served in one particular restaurant. The second problem is that the sample is not representative of the target - the Mexican food that is served in the United States (and elsewhere) is often not representative of Mexican cuisine in general; even if this particular restaurant serves more authentic Mexican food, it is still not representative of the type of food that I might encounter in Mexico, given the differences in regional styles, cooking methods,ingredients, etc.

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