Fall 2022 Research Essay Instructions Getting Started & the Requirements of the Essay You will find, evaluate, and share sources with your classmates. Ultimately, you will write a persuasive argument that takes a position on the issue you researched. In the argument, you are required to cite relevant evidence from the sources you found, paying careful attention to establishing credibility and using rhetorical appeals as appropriate. Use the LATTC library resources, the internet, and other tools to research what people are currently saying about that topic. You should use at least five sources to support your claim, two of which should be scholarly peer-reviewed articles (this will be explained). Sources can include books, magazines, newspapers, interviews, documentaries or other types of informational videos (like TED talks), and podcasts. If you use a visual media source, please only use one. Typically, using a variety of sources is the most effective method of supporting your claims. If you are having trouble choosing or understanding articles, finding/evaluating sources, or drafting/revising your paper at any stage, please arrange to meet with me during office hours.

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