Figure 12 shows a camera above a sports field. The camera is supported by two cables X and Y that pass over smooth pulleys. X and Y have negligible mass. The camera is held stationary. The tension in X is 450 N and X makes an angle of 32° to the horizontal. Y makes an angle of 14° to the horizontal. Show that the tension in Y is approximately 400 N. Determine, using a scale diagram, the weight of the camera. Stan 3 shows the variation of stress with strain for the material used to make X. X has a cross-sectional area of 6.7 x 10-6 m² and an unstretched length of 75 m.The tension in X is 450 N. Determine the extension of X. The camera is moved horizontally to the right to a new stationary position.Describe the change in the tension in X and the change in the tension in Y.[1 ma

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