For a Callender-Griffiths 3 wire bridge, a thermistor is placed on one of the arm as R4. The material constant for thermistor is 3950K.The thermistor is placed in To=0°c and its resistance measured as 15 Q. A. If the fixed resistance, R1, and R2 at balanced conditions are equal to 30ohms and the value of R3 required to balance the bridge is 21ohms, determine the temperature of thermistor in kelvin. (10 points) B. In the bridge bellow at the same balanced condition, assume the thermistor is replaced by a platinum RTD to measure the temperature. What is the Resistance of RTD if Ro RTD =102at To=0°c and a platinum = 0.003925°C1 (10 points)? C. Explain in your own words the relation between the resistance of thermistor and RTD (5 points)

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