For each statement, specify whether it is true or false regarding the construction stages. 1. During the construction stage,there is a pre-construction meeting for all subcontractors and major material suppliers to set the tone and establishes the ground rules for the job. 2. During the construction stage,value engineering is preformed to analyze the design, products, and materials associated with the project to determine whether the plans, specs, or overall design are accurate. 3. Mobilization during construction stage includes activities such as setting up field office, temporary storage facilities, securing the site and establishing job site management systems. 4. During the construction stage,coordination of all trades must be proactively managed for the job to run smoothly. 5. During the construction stage,schematic or conceptual design helps the contractors to estimate the project costs. 6. Programming is typically done during the construction stage and engages the owners and end users to clarify needs, goals, and objectives for the facility.

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