For the binary mixture of Liquid 1 and Liquid 2, the constants are given in TableQ1 for the Antoine equation, Eq. Q1, where all pressures are in kPa and all

temperatures in °C. \ln P^{0}=A-\frac{B}{T+C} \quad \text { Eq. } Q 1 ) Calculate the boiling temperatures of the pure liquids 1 and 2 at101.32 kPa. (i) State the equation for the total pressure of an ideal binary system (ii) write down the expression for the partial pressure of a compound and (iii) write the expression for the mole fraction of the compound in the gasphase. (c)(i) Use Gibb's phase law to analyse the degrees of freedom of a given binary system and name a set of independent variables to specify the system. (d) Calculate the liquid mole fractions, x1, for compound 1 at temperatures of40, 60, 80, 100°C and at the operation pressure of 303.96 kPa. (e) Calculate the corresponding mole fractions of component 1, y1, to the x1 in(d). (f)Sketch the vapour liquid equilibrium phase diagram from your results.

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