Formulate the following as a linear programming problem. A green house operator plans to bid for the job of providing flowers for city parks. He will use tulips, daffodils, and flowering shrubs in three types of layouts. A type 1 layout uses 30 tulips,20 daffodils and 4 flowering shrubs. A type 2 layout uses 10 tulips, 40 daffodils and 3 flowering shrubs. A type 3 layout uses 20 tulips, 50 daffodils and 2 flowering shrubs. The net profit is $50 for each type 1 layout,$30 for each type 2 layout, and $60 for type 3 layout. He has 1000 tulips, 800 daffodils and 100 flowering shrubs. How many layouts of each type should be used to yield maximum profit?

Fig: 1