3.Analyze the graph of the function below. Show your work in each step. Thengraph. Clearly label the asymptotes, if any. F(x)=\frac{x^{2}+x-12}{x^{2}-4} What is the domain of g?._(2pts) )Write F in

its lowest terms__(2pts) c) Find x-intercept(s)__(2pts) d)Find y-intercept__(1pt) e) Determine the behavior of the graph at the x-intercept(s). f) Find the vertical asymptotes, if any:_behavior of the graph on either side of the asymptote(s)__(2 pts) Determine the_(2pts) g)Find the horizontal or oblique asymptotes, if any. h)Determine points, if any, at which the graph intersects the horizontal or oblique asymptotes i) Use interval method to determine whether the graph is above or below the x-axis.(2 pts) j) Are any holes on the graph? If yes, at what point(s)? (1pt) k) Graph F(x). Clearly indicate the asymptotes using a dashed line. Label the intercepts. (4 pts)

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