a. Write the MATLAB statements required to plot sin x versus cos 2x from 0 to n in steps of 1/10.The points should be connected by a 2-pixel-wide red line,

and each point should be marked with a 6-pixel-wide blue circular marker. b. Use the Figure editing tools to change the markers on the previous plot into black squares. Addan arrow and annotation pointing to the location x = T on the plot. C.Write the MATLAB text string that will produce the following expressions: f(x)=\sin \theta \cos 2 \varphi d. Plot Ex² versus x e. Write the expression produced by the following text strings: \text { "Itau } \backslash \text { it_\{m\}' } \text { g. Plot the function } r=10^{*} \cos (3 \theta) \text { for } 0 \leq \theta \leq 2 \pi \text { in steps of } 0.01 \pi \text { using a polar plot. } \text { h. Plot the function } y(x)=\frac{1}{2 x^{2}} \text { for } 0.01 \leq x \leq 100 \text { on a linear and a loglog plot. Take advantage of } linspace and logspace when creating the plots. What is the shape of this function on a loglogplot?

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