Given: the 2D EOMS from Problem 4 as well as the extra relationships \dot{h}=v_{a} \sin \gamma \dot{d}=v_{a} \cos \gamma where h is altitude and d is the distance traveled. Write

a MATLAB script to: a)use the function ode45 to numerically solve the coupled nonlinear ODES with b) use the function 1sim to solve the linearized ODE from Problem 4 c) test your functions on some initial conditions that are "close" to the trim conditions fromProblem 4 as well as "far" from the trim conditions • generate separate plots for (1) time vs. airspeed, (2) time vs. flight path angle, and (3)distance vs. altitude for both initial conditions k_{D}=0.1388 \text { - } k_{L}=0.7654 g=9.81 \mathrm{~m} / \mathrm{s}^{2}

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