Q2-It has proposed that a suitable propellant for an unmanned spacecraft is a methane hydrogen (70mol%) snow collected from one of the outer moons of Jupiter. The propellant would be

vapourisedcompletely and heated in a nuclear reactor with graphite coated fuel elements, before being fired fromthe exhaust gases. This suggestion has been criticised because the reaction \mathbf{C}_{\{\mathrm{d}}+2 \mathrm{H}_{2} Could result in reaction between the graphite and the propellant. Calculate the kp for the reactor conditions of 800K and 15 bar Plot kp versus T for the range of temperature from 400-800 K, what can you say? Data heat capacities (kJ/kmol K) as a function of T(K): CH4(g); Cp= 22.343+0.0481 T H2(g); Cp= 27.698+0.00339 T C(s); Cp= 11.184+0.01095 T For methane at 298 K and 15 bar AH=-74.848 MJ/kmol, AG=-50.794 MJ/kmol

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