Heat Transfer: Project 2 - Fin Performance - Finite Difference vs Analytic Solution|In the Blackboard grade section, find Data Proj2. This is your value for y Consider a 1 mm

diameter cylindrical fin with convection at the tip. Use k = (10+ y) W/(m °C),200 W/(m? °C), L = 1.0 cm, with abase temperature of 40°C and an ambient temperature of 10°C.h= 1) Finite Difference Model (FDM): Use Ax = 2 mm to: a. estimate: T1 through Ts. b. estimate Qb. a. estimate: T, through T5. (See Eq. 3-70) b. use the fin efficiency (see Table 3-3) to estimate Q,. 2) Use analytic (or "exact") methods to: 3) Following the example below, in tabular format, compare the FDM estimates to the analytic values. Report your answers with at least 3 digits of precision. As an example, if y = 1 (k = 11 W/(m K)), the values for temperatures and heat flow are:

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