Consider the seven-bus system shown in the figure below. The network data is provided below. The transformers have nominal turn's ratio. Note: Transformers T12 and T45 are connected in Y-A

configuration with A connection on the LV side and Y connection on the HV side.Transformer T67 is in Y-Y configuration. What is the size of the admittance matrix YBUS?Bus ] Determine the diagonal elements Y11, Y33 and Y44. Calculate the non-diagonal elements Y12, Y21, Y45, Ys4, ] Calculate the non-diagonal elements Y 23, Y32, Y24, and [20 Points] Mention the non-diagonal elements in the admittance matrix which are independent of the transformer connection type. ) [10 Points] What is the phase shift (from HV to LV) of the transformers T12, T45 and T67 ? Hint for Problem-1: Review Mod-6 Lec-5 to Mod-6 Lec-7 lectures onpanopto. While calculating the admittance matrix do consider theshunt component of the line.

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