Homework 12Submit a MS WORD document to Canvas. This is the only allowable file type. If you don't have MS word, you can download free copies through ITLE's software distribution page. Submitted work does go through a plagiarism review, so do your own work and writing. 1. Read the "Stabilization Wedges" paper. Write a 1 page,single spaced, 12 pt font, typed 1" margins, essay. In paragraph 1, breifly (like in 1-2 sentences) describe the paper and your 7 preferred wedges. In paragraph 2, for three of these wedges, describe the engineer's role,particularly that of civil/environmental engineers, in the implementation of the strategy, and in paragraph 3,describe the socioeconomic-political-ethical challenges for two or three your wedges. You will get full credit only if you address all three points above and it is well written. I will grade on completeness of the three points above. This is worth 30% of the HW grade 2. Read the ASCE climate change report. This is a small book titled "Adapting Infrastructure and Civil Engineering Practice to a Changing Climate".Write a 2 page essay (single spaced 12 pt font, 1“margins, typed!) about what you have found out about the impacts of climate change on Civil Engineering (and related engineering) practice (Feel free to focus on your area of engineering of interest). Make your essay interesting to read and informative. For full credit, be sure to discuss some of the socio-economic-political-ethical issues involved but do focus primarily on how climate change is impacting the civil and environmental engineering profession. This is worth 70% of this homework grade and you will be graded on completeness /relevance.

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