Homework Question 9: 4.71 Separate streams of air and water flow through the compressor and heat exchanger arrangement shown in Fig. P4.71. Steady-state operating data are provided on the figure. Heat transfer with the surroundings can be neglected, as can all kinetic and potential energy effects. The air is modeled as an ideal gas. Determine a. the total power required by both compressors, in kW. b. the mass flow rate of the water, in kg/s. Air P₁ = 1 bar . T₁ = 300 K m₁ = 0.6 kg/s Compressor A P₂=3 bar +2 T₂=600 K T6 =30°C P6 Ps www wwwwww P4=9 bar T₁=800 K4 FIGURE P 4.71 Compressor B 3+ P3=P₂ T3=450 K -Heat exchanger Water T5 = 20°C Ps= 1 bar WCVB

Fig: 1