I. Choose a company you work for or any company of your choice (Need to choose Amazon)

Briefly explain about the company along with current HR Policies (Staffing and recruitment) that

are implemented (Mention the background, vision, mission, and why you chose) (5 marks, 150


The company's CEO wants their employees to be committed to the organization. As an HR

Manager, you have been assigned to do a team-building exercise. Suggest some ways by which you

can unite your employees. (5 marks, 150 words)

II. Assume the company you work/for or any other company wants to expand to a new country or to

set up in a company.

Briefly explain the HR strategy that needs to be set up in the new country. (5 marks, 150 words)

What are the challenges faced while setting up the new HR policies in the new country. (5 marks,

150 words)