The gas phase elementary reaction2A - is carried out in a membrane reactor in which there is a pressure drop with a = 0.019 kg'. An equal molar feed of A and inert I enter the reactor with the flowing inlet molar flow rate (FAO = 10mol/s) and total inlet concentration of (Ct0 = 0.4 mol/L). Only species B can exit the membrane.Plot the conversion of A down the membrane reactor containing 50 kg of catalyst. The specific reaction rate is kA=2.5 L²/mol/kg/s, and the mass transfer coefficient kB = 1.5 L/kg.s. Identify the 5 things that are incorrect or may not be included with the solution 1. Line #should be 2. Line #should be 3. Line #should be 4. Line #should be 5. Line #should be

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