Imagine a commercial aircraft propelled by gas turbines such as a Boeing 787-8 that is cruising at constant altitude and speed, 20000 ft and 500 mph, respectively. Assume that the air velocity is negligible compared to aircraft's speed. Please answer the following: a. Isolate the aircraft and its contents from the surroundings by sketching an appropriate boundary. Does your boundary represent a closed system or a control volume? Why? Hint:identify the interactions across the boundary between the system and the surroundings. Note that your answer will depend on how you define the boundary. b. Based on your answer for part (a), what changes would you make to convert one type of boundary into the other, i.e., from closed system boundary to control volume boundary? Now you want to study the pilot in the cockpit as a thermodynamic system. Draw a boundary and determine whether it is a closed system or a control volume. Does your system of reference change your answer, why?C. d. Using a suitable table in your textbook, report the airplane surrounding's pressure and temperature in English units. Indicate the table number you used.

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