In the early days of a pandemic, it is often assumed that the total number of cases will increase exponentially fast. The data file "covidus.csv" contains data on US COVID-19infections

for the period of time from March 1st to March 31st. (a) Fit an exponential model to the number of cases using both the naive two-point method and polyfit. Include a Matlab plot showing your two fitted solutions along-side the original data and a discussion about how well they match. (b) Use your models from (b) to predict the total number of US COVID cases up until April 30th. How does this prediction match up with the true value of 1,039,909cases? (c) Read Problem 4 from Section 1.1 in the textbook. Based on the explanation given there about proportional rates of change, discuss the validity of an exponential model for pandemic proliferation.

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