In this class, you will be asked to maintain a live word document that you are to add notes into throughout the class. This does not replace your note-taking process, but rather to complement whatever means you find most successful.

5. The how to identify section should enable a reader to identify a material having no experience telling items apart; wood from metal, for example.

3. The definition should be your defintion. This document will be run through a plagiarism check.

1. Each material grouping will need a separate chapter.

4. The pro/con comparison may take the shape of a table, rubric, or Venn-Diagram. It should allow anyone reading your notes to select agalhst amaterial for a proposed engineering project.

For each Module, the instructions will vary slightly. In this Materials Module, you will need the following:

2. Each chapter should contain a definition, pro/con comparison, and a how to identify section.



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