In this problem we're going to return to the graphs we plotted in Homework 2 but now look at different types of processes assuming that the working fluid undergoing the process is air, which is an ideal gas. Draw the diagrams below, labeling the axes, the states, and the directions of the processes. Also calculate the indicated property assuming 1 kg of air with a particular gas constant of 287 J/kg-K. a. Isobaric process at 1 MPa from 0.5 m³ to 0.8 m³ on a T-V diagram. i. Calculate T₁ and T₂ b. Isochoric process at 0.25 m³ from 500 K to 300 K on a P-T diagram. i. Calculate P₁ and P2 c. Isothermal process at 450 K from 12 m³ to 5 m³ on a P-V diagram. i. Calculate P₁ and P2