Informative Speech Assignment An informative speech tells an audience about a significant issue, teaches an audience new information, introduces a new concept, or enhances an audience's understanding of a topic. Topic Selection: Consider your interests, your audience's interests, and available reference materials to select a topic that will engage your audience. The topic should center on a current, debatable social or political issue. In other words, your topic should concern a social, economic, cultural, or environmental problem we face as a global society today. Choose wisely, as this topic will also be the topic for your persuasive speech, and it may be chosen as a topic for a group presentation. Research: Your speech must be based on information obtained from at least three (3) current. reputable sources. Only one of your three sources may be a website. You must identify each source when you deliver your speech by providing an oral citation. You must also identify each source in your speech outline where appropriate. A full bibliographic citation of each source must be provided on a works cited page that you will submit along with the rest of your speech materials. An adequate source citation in a bibliography includes the name of the publication, its author, the date it was published, and the volume, issue and page numbers where your source can be found. Citations for Internet sources should include the name of the webpage or author and the specific web address. Your references page must conform to APA. MLA, or Chicago guidelines.¹