Instructions from student Student had already done 80% after that student is getting trouble First 5 file are the main files contains instructions,codefile and makeup,test file, and bitmaskingdemo and sample output You will get all needed files in these files only Main problem that the student face is : when running the code with the compiler im getting getting 0 hits and its only processing two addresses as shown in this image PS C:\Projects\School\Operating Systems Assignments\Assignments\assign3> ./demandpaging readswrites.txt 4 8 8 Processing trace #1: 4323168 Looking up mapping for address: 4323168 No valid mapping found for address: 4323168 Allocated new frame for address: 4323168 Processing trace #2: 4323200 End of access mode file reached unexpectedly. Page size: 4896 bytes Addresses processed: 2 Page hits: 0, Misses: 2, Page Replacements: 0 Page hit percentage: 0.00%, miss percentage: 100.00% Franes allocated: 1 Bytes used: 220 PS C:\Projects\School\Operating Systems Assignments\Assignment3\assign3> It needs to be similar to the output in "sample_output.txt" (file 5)when i run my commands in the command line interface student needs: I just need the code implementation to be correct so that it matches the output.txt when i run all the commands in my command line interface, as my code will be submitted to an autograder that runs several different tests

Fig: 1