Instructions • Part 1: Using any online mocking tools (see resources section for some free ones) or free-hand drawing if you believe it will be neat enough for us to grade, design the W-2 form below to be a mobile app experience. O IMPORTANT: There will be a continuation of this assignment next week where you will need to make changes to your Ul. Be sure to save your UI in an editable format or you will need to re-create it again later! o Assume that an employee is using their mobile device to input this information based on the W-2 form they received from their employer. o You will NOT receive credit if your mobile experience is a single-page scroll. You must break it down into at least 6 separate screens: Start screen (with any relevant text about what the user is about to "start") ■ ■ 4 or more input screens (you want to split up the input fields in a way that is intuitive and the least overwhelming to the user) ■ Submit screen (with the option to go back and fix fields)

Fig: 1