Introductory Paragraph Your introductory paragraph should provide a general overview of the topic you are interested in and clearly explain the specific application of chemistry in engineering that you are going to explore. Annotated Bibliography The minimum requirements for your annotated bibliography are: At least seven (7) references. At least two references from the primary literature (i.e., journal articles; review articles count towards this). The articles must focus primarily on the chemical phenomenon you are exploring:the chemistry of the issue that an engineering solution is meant to address and/or how chemistry is a part of the engineering technology/solution. You are welcome to use more than two journal articles. A textbook reference should only be included if you are using it to understand a topic that was not or minimally covered in lecture. Evaluate the authority of the author (i.e., why should we believe what they say?).Summarize the main information presented.Assess the usefulness of the source in relation to your topic.Explain how you intend to use the reference (i.e., to describe the issue or design problem, to explain the chemical phenomenon, to show relevant data).

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