Karnaugh and Quine McCluskey. Given the following expression: Y=d 2+d 3+m 4+d 8+d 9+d 10+m 11+m 12+m 13 Simplify the expression using a Karnaugh map. Show that there are two possible optimum solutions. For each solution, draw the optimum groupings on the Karnaugh map, write the Boolean algebra expression corresponding to each grouping, write the Boolean algebra expression for the output, state and justify the value of the don't care bits. Simplify the expression using the Quine McCluskey algorithm,including the prime implicant table and Petrick's method to find all the possible coverings. Show that the optimum solutions resulting from Petrick's method inPart (b) are identical to those obtained by using the Karnaugh mapin Part (a). Briefly compare the two methods (Karnaugh map and QuineMcCluskey).

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