Lab 4.2 - Descriptive Statistics Using Excel - Central Tendency The CHF data used for the Labs in Chapter 3 should be used for this lab. Create a frequency distribution for

the following variables: Admission source Gender Discharge status Age category Number of diagnosis codes Lab 4.3 One-sample Z-Test for Proportions 1. Calculate the mortality rate for the sample of patients discharged with MS-DRG 291 2. Determine the mortality rate for MS-DRG 291 for Medicare patients in 2011 from the HCUP website. 3. Test the hypothesis that the mortality rate for the hospital that generated the sample data is different from the US rate. 4. Select an appropriate alpha level. Lab 4.4 Two-sample Z-test for Proportions Perform a hypothesis test to determine if the mortality rate for MS-DRG 292 and MS-DRG 293 are statistically different.